The history of dentistry is a fascinating journey, from ancient remedies to cutting-edge technologies. At Tooth in Stone Dentistry in 77407, we celebrate the evolution of dentistry into the comfortable, safe, and beneficial science it is today.

In the Beginning

Ancient civilizations had their own unique approaches to dental care. The Egyptians had designated doctors for teeth, while the Chinese practiced acupuncture for tooth pain as early as 2700 B.C.E. Hippocrates and Aristotle advocated for sterilization procedures and red-hot wires to treat oral diseases and stabilize jaw fractures.

The Visionary Thoughts of the 1600s-1700s

The 17th and 18th centuries saw significant innovations in dentistry. Charles Allen’s 1695 publication, “The Operator of Teeth,” introduced homemade toothpaste recipes and discussed dental transplants using dog’s teeth. Pierre Fauchard’s masterwork, “The Surgeon Dentist,” described dentistry as a modern profession, addressing issues like dental caries, braces, and dental chair lights.

The Progressive 1800s

The 19th century witnessed groundbreaking discoveries. Auguste Taveau developed the first dental fillings from silver coins and mercury. Horace Hayden and Chapin Harris established the first dental school, revolutionizing dental education. By the end of the century, porcelain inlays, mechanized dental drills, and toothpaste tubes had been invented.

Scientific Advancement of the 1900s

The 20th century brought remarkable advancements in dental technology. Electric drills became standard with the advent of electricity. Novocain revolutionized pain relief during dental procedures. Michael Buonocore introduced tooth bonding for cracked enamel while fully-reclining dental chairs enhanced patient comfort. “Invisible” braces and at-home tooth bleaching systems emerged as popular cosmetic treatments.

The Future of Dentistry

Today, dental professionals are exploring innovative approaches to oral health. Gene-mediated therapeutics and regenerative techniques offer promising avenues for preventing and treating dental issues. At Tooth in Stone Dentistry in 77407, we’re committed to embracing the latest technologies to provide our patients with the most effective dental care.

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